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All You Need to know About AG

Who we are?

AG Chemical Wholesale Deals is an online supplier and seller in the UK with a wide range of high-quality chemical products.

What we are doing at AG?

Our goal is to provide the best products on the market for our customers. We deal with the B2B wholesale seller in the UK as well as on the international market.

AG Deals is an online wholesaler specializing in the supply of chemical products used for maintenance, cleaning, testing and production, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment such as PCB (circuits), PC, Sensors, scales, Generators, Edge Connectors, IT Equipment and component. Keep your systems cool and working optimally, extending the life of the product. You will also find many other products like lubricants and oils used in mechanical appliances.

If you would like to create a product with your own logo, please visit AG Chemical Branding Solution LTD. where we offer the aerosol filling service with the possibility of marking and private logos.

Who are our clients?


- companies that use our products while performing work,

-factories that use our products in production such as electronics,

- shops that resell our products to generate high profits,

- Internet traders (eBay, Amazon, E-commerce) and more.

Valuable Customer

Benefits for our clients:

By cooperating with us, our customers will avoid problems with quality, delivery, prices of products, etc.

We help our clients get the best prices on the market, due to this, our clients can be assured of getting profits.

We provide the fastest possible delivery of products, ensuring the customer never lacks assortment.

Having 25 years’ experience in the industry, the quality of our products and the service we offer is our most important goal.

Wholesale of AG Chemical

Range of our products:

AG Chemical Wholesale Deals offers you:

-Aerosol & Liquids,

-Circuit Boards Repair,

-Soldering & Brazing,

-Thermal Conductive Products,

-Silicone Potting Compounds,

-Epoxy Potting Compounds,

-Greases and Lubricants,


-Agents & Cleaning Kits,

What makes us different?

We offer:

- The best prices in the UK,

- Free shipping in the UK when ordering above 80

- high quality, proven chemical products available right away,

- the best prices on the market with a guarantee of obtaining high profits,

- customer service ready to help with each individual order

Above all, we want to offer our 28 years of experience due to which our clients can be sure that their supplier is diligently doing their job and helping him develop his business.

AG Chemical Wholesale Deals is an online wholesale shop managed and operated by AG Chemical Branding Solutions Ltd. a company registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 08887038, Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, Sales Office: Peel House, 34-44 London Road SM4 5BT London

AG Chemical Branding Solutions LTD

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