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All You Need to know About AG

AG Deals strives to supply the UK with a broad range of high-quality products and solutions of EU leading Brand AG TermoPasty as an exclusive distributor, offered through our online market. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-notch quality at the lowest prices available on the market.

What we are do?

We specialized in supplying products suited for use in electronic, automotive and other industries and sectors. Whether the challenge you face is a practical one related to cleaning and maintenance, an operational standard relating to testing and production, an electrical challenge that calls for specialized solutions for cleaning and maintaining electronic equipment, or a suite of solutions for IT-specific equipment like connectors and components -- we have a solution that will serve your purposes beautifully.

As a customer-oriented organization, our goal is always to find the ideal equilibrium between quality and value. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best products available to our customers, at the best prices available for those products. We work closely with B2B wholesalers both locally in the UK area and on an international scale.

If you’re reading this, then we’re sure you already know it: keeping your equipment clean and working at maximum efficiency ultimately extends the life of your equipment and saves your organization possibly thousands of dollars in potential repairs and replacement costs. Our catalogues include more than just cleaning supplies, too -- you’ll also find a broad array of other products like oils and lubricants to help you maintain your equipment and keep it running optimally at all times.

One of the unique benefits our customer base experiences is the ability to brand your own solutions through the use of AG Chemical Branding Solutions Ltd. If you would like to create a product with your own brand logo, visit our Branding page to find out how to get started.

We serve a broad range of clients to meet various needs across many industries

Our clientele is as broad and eclectic as the chemical products we offer. Though it’s just about impossible to apply a specific label to any of our clientele, we can summarily define roughly four groups that seek our services and products.

Production uses. Companies that run a production line or a factory of Printed Circuit Boards often use our products to keep their environments clean and safe, and to guarantee that their products are in perfect condition before they leave the building.

Resale purposes. We don’t shy away from it -- in fact we embrace it! We sell our products at incredibly low prices. So in turn, we have many clients who purchase our products at our low wholesale rates, and then resell them for a profit.

Internet trades. Similarly, part of our client base is made up of online retailers who purchase our products at wholesale prices and resell them on the major ecommerce markets.

Practical applications. Many of our clients are those who need specific solutions to complete work throughout the day.

Why AG wholesale Deals?

AG Deals specialized in the electronic and automotive industry and this is something we passionate about and focusing on. That’s why in our wholesale you will find a product which matches and is design for all those industry requirements.

As a loyal, long-term client you'll be able to take advantage of our individual propose prepared and adjust especially to your needs. By understanding that every single business differentiates from each other, in AG Chemical Wholesale Deals we aiming our efforts to meet your expectations.

We’ve established our organization to address and completely extinguish all the potential problems that customers face when dealing with online wholesalers.

Our customers experience a pleasant dearth of issues relating to quality, delivery and pricing. We guarantee that our products are the high-quality across the board, and we offer them at prices that you simply cannot beat -- the best prices in the UK. With guaranteed delivery (and free shipping for orders over 80 pounds!), we put our customers in a position to maximize profits and minimize costs.

In keeping with the quality of our products, we pride ourselves, too, on the quality of our customer service. We do everything we can to guarantee a good experience every time you order from us, and we keep friendly and professional customer service representatives available to handle any question, issue or concern that may arise in a timely fashion.

Browse our products to find the right solution for your company today!

AG Chemical Wholesale Deals is an online wholesale shop managed and operated by AG Chemical Branding Solutions Ltd. a company registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 08887038, Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, Sales Office: Peel House, 34-44 London Road SM4 5BT London

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