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Why Circuit Board Fail? All you need to know about conductivity

Manufacturers are always lurking behind the curtains as customers want answers for instant failure of circuit boards? What causes the failure? How to prevent it and where manufacturer is at fault?

Electronics manufacturers and retailers often hear too much complaint regarding the failure of electric boards, circuits along with various other electronic items from their individual customers. While the complaint is logical and has substantial grounds to be processed, although, the business industry also faces some other complications regarding these corrupt circuits in the long run.

If you are having these problems on your end, feel free to scroll through the page and find answers for yourself; everything you want to know is already here!

Electronic Optimise Kit

Conductivity Failure

Any electronic device or circuit boards are subjected to fail under various unfavourable conditions. Other than completely failing of these circuit boards and be out of the service, business manufacturers and retailers also have to undertake a fair share of a blow to their name.

Individual consumers not only lose interest in the particular brand but also become selective about the products they buy. So, here is a list of brief substantial things about the conductivity of the particular circuit board your company prepares, and you should be aware of;

1. Environmental Problems

As these printed circuit boards are the driving forces in relation with everything we use today, technology, health, food, textile and almost all races of life are facilitated by their use. However, as little as an environmental factor could interfere with the performance of your circuit boards which you manufacture. Humidity, water contact, high temperature and lighting strokes are those powers of nature whom directly hits these electric equipment hard and render them useless.

Not even the most perfectly crafted circuit board hunches over the chance against a lightning strike or high temperature, it will burn off right away causing electric discharges and surges.

The prime reason behind this factor is the loss of conductivity or severe damage sustained by the electric compounds of the circuit board themselves.

Circuit Board Optimization

2. Human Error

Human error is the most plausible reason against the failure of conductivity among these circuit boards; any observational mistake can have a harsh impact over the sales and customer opinion about your products. Not even retailers want to look bad before the individual customers. There is actually a laundry list of the possible errors which can find their way during the maintenance and designing stages. As mere as drawing a wrong schematic or tipping the scales for overall board thickness can ruin the overall performance of these circuit boards.

3. Thermal Conductivity

As being a manufacturer or retailer, you know about the basic mechanism behind the operating of an electric circuit board which is “Thermal Conductivity”. The moment electric current starts rushing through the circuit boards its temperature goes up and thermal conductivity (Transfer of heat) from one corner to other starts to take place. Now, poor insulation of the traces or wires embedded over the circuit board can cause an electric surge, causing an increase in the temperature and melting away the circuit board.

As the main reason come up to be the poor insulation, it can be tackled later on to preserve the trust of your potential customers or wholesale buyers. But one should be aware of all the consequences beforehand to develop a more efficient strategy.

Circuit Board Conductivity

4. Continuous repair

However, no manufacturer ever claims the repaired circuit boards, but have you ever concurred why the need for repair arises in the first place? The reasons are far more in number than the ones tackled before. When improper channels are used to build something cost-effective and yet not up to the common standards of the people, errors are destined to occur. And in this particular scenario could be due to;

· Traces and Pathways accidentally placed too close to each other that they cause shorting out of the circuit.

· Poor connectivity between board layers causing inefficient performance of the circuit board.

· Continuous repairing of a single circuit board one too many times.

Things holding them together

As all the plausible factors which could be the cause of the circuit board failure have been interpreted, you should also have a bright look over the various electronic compounds which holds the circuit boards together and are the reasons for manufacturing of the most efficient and long-lasting conductivity boards as well;

1. Silicon Wafer

2. PCB Laminate

3. Photoresist

4. Speciality Gases

5. CMP Slurries

6. Wet Chemicals

7. Low-K dielectrics

These chemical compounds are responsible for the proper manufacture and maintenance of these circuit boards and how to prevent certain hazards before time as well. Efficient use of these components is in good interests for the circuit boards which your organisation provides. These are used in the manufacturing of the Semiconductors and integrated circuits (IC) along with Printed circuit boards (PCB) as well.

Tips for solving these problems

· Have an efficient coating

You must be thinking that no matter how much you cover or protect the outer surface of these circuit boards, the moisture will always find its way, well not true at all. Certain sealing agents to block the entry points into the circuit boards should be implanted; they should block the outer plastic/metal part of the circuit board intact, keeping the internal systems at optimum conditions. So, even if moisture or water comes in contact with the circuits, it would not be able to cause any damage.

· The solution for thermal problems

A wide spectrum of issues relates to the thermal conductivity inside the circuits. And various measures can be implemented beforehand to tackle the problem. This approach uses the following electronic compounds for resolving thermal conductivity issues inside the circuit boards;

· Thermal Pads

Thermal pads are actually the most sensitive part of the whole procedure; these are made up of sensitive materials which are able to absorb the heat for the time being and help it to get transferred from hot areas of circuit board towards the heat sink. Thus, helping along to save the circuit board from melting away from high-voltages or due to the lightning or thunders.

Thermal Pads

· Thermal Tapes

The thinner the thermal tape the better will be its thermal conductivity, thus balancing the electric potential throughout the system and preventing any kind of electrical surges. These tapes are also used for connecting metallic conductor tracks and can be a handful when it comes to various design orientations.

· Thermal Adhesive

It is commonly used to bind the integrated circuits with the heat sinks for the optimum performance of the overall structure. Thermal adhesives are also used where no other mounting mechanisms can be found to attach these two technological aspects. It does not allow the circuit board to surge even when high voltages are applied.

Thermal Paste

• Thermal paste

Thermal paste should be implemented between two diverse components embedded over the circuit board to get better heat conduction. It fills up all the available spaces inside the heat sink where the air might get trapped, and the overall performance of the circuit board might be lost.

These various chemical compounds can ensure the optimum working of the circuit boards without ever any electrical surge or major problem of the sorts. Allowing you to score better in the market and among your wholesale and retail buyers, and to ensure that only best quality products reach to the customers.

If you feel like relating to everything you have read so far and are going through something similar, maybe it is time to get a better hold of the situation and for once use the necessary items mentioned above to prevent your boards from failing.

Make them more upstanding and durable before the individual customers and build up reputation of your brand. Act now, get in contact with AG Chemical, they can readily equip you with whatever you need regarding the quantity and quality of the materials as well, and toughen the act.