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Easy Print /Sn62 Pb36 Ag2



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Easy Print|Thermal compound, Soldering Paste, Electronics

Paste for soldering of surface-mounted (SMD) components


ƒƒ Resistant to solder balling ( mid-chip solder balling )

ƒƒ Good adhesion to components for over 24hrs after application

ƒƒ Exhibits long stencil life even for 8hrs of continuous printing, prolonged usability ( stencil life )

ƒƒ Low level of colorless, non-corrosive soldering residues (no clean), that are flexible enough to allow

ƒƒ penetration of tester needles

ƒƒ Fine pitch

ƒƒ Printing with squeegee speed up to 150mm/s

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20g (syringe)
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