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KONTAKT TF (DRY)|Grease-free, Dry Lube, PTFE, Antiadhesive, Protect, Dry Lubrication

Dry, grease-free, antiadhesive agent based on PTFE. Ideal for the lubrication of areas requiring slippage, especially where it is necessary to protect against contaminants existing in the environment. It has a very low coefficient of friction it is resistant to aggressive chemicals, water, as well as mineral and synthetic oils. Indispensable wherever it is not recommended to use a regular lubricant due to the adhesion of dirt and where friction surface must be dry and clean. The product operates within a wide range of temperatures.

Application: ƒƒ

-transmission gears and pinions,

-gear wheelsƒ,

-rails and slider guides ƒƒ belt,

-roller and slide conveyors, ƒƒ

-paper and textile industry, ƒƒ

-plastic processing industry,ƒƒ

-timing belts and chains, bearings, ropes ƒƒ

-cutting tools, ƒƒ

-locks, connectors, pedals, window fittings, door hinge pins.