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SENSOR TESTER|Test, Detector, Smoke, Domestic

The product is intended to test the carbon monoxide detectors and cigarettes smoke detectors. It allows us to easily and quickly check the correct operation of the CO sensor. It does not corrode plastic parts, stain, and pollute the detector. The product is entirely safe if used following the recommendations. Also, the tester does not endanger people and domestic animals. Attempt execution time is approx. 2-3 minutes.

Recommended for:

-technical services,

-chimney plants, companies dealing with sales and installation of carbon monoxide detectors,

-individuals were holding CO sensors.

How to perform the test of the carbon monoxide sensor:

Place CO sensor in a stringed bag. Tighten the strings, leaving a 1-centimeter hole through which you enter a capillary tube. Do not remove air from the bag. Spray the agent for 3 seconds, then remove the tube from the bag and quickly tighten the strings to close it completely. The sensor signals should turn up within 3 minutes. If the sensor alarm is not activated, repeat the test after 15 minutes. If after the next test, the sensor does not work, replace the device. The packaging is sufficient to perform approx. 7 tests. Control the sensors every 6 months.

How to perform the test of the cigarette smoke sensor:

Point the capillary tube towards the sensor chamber, keeping the distance of 3-5 cm. Press the nozzle by approx — 1 sec. The sensor signals should turn on within a few seconds. NOTE: The product is used to detect defects in electrical circuits and sound the alarm.