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SILICONE FILLING COMPOUND 021|Liquid Filling, Thermal conductivity, Electronic component

The product is a liquid filling, two-component material is hardening occurs at room temperature. The compound provides thermal conductivity and low expansion and is ideal for pouring or filling joints in heat-generating electronic components with metal housings or radiators. It has an excellent fluency at dosing and filling. After hardening, it does not tear off as a result of cyclic heating from a surface, to which it is attached. The hardened product is dry to the touch.


-Encapsulation of electronic/electrical systems.

-Energy Converters.

-Power Semiconductors.

-Power supplies.

-Automotive electronics.

-Motion control.


-Computers and peripheral devices.

-The application of condensation filling compound in a closed system can cause the occurrence of unharmful white coating, which does not influence the operation of the system.